Health Conditions

Dr. Coombs corrects small, often un-noticed misalignments of your spine that cause irritation and dysfunction of the nerves around your spine. While not every condition is caused by a subluxation, the chiropractic health paradigm looks to the body's function FIRST to determine if something is not working correctly with your nervous system. Your body can heal itself given the right opportunity. It knows what to do for you every second of the day. It is constantly multitasking for you and can help you manufacture many of the chemicals you need to stay healthy.

Each organ in your body such as the heart, lungs, or stomach function not only for themselves but also for the benefit of the whole body. The function of all organs and tissues of your body are controlled by the nervous system which has your brain as the "main frame" computer and your spinal cord and nerves as the "connecting wires" to every cell. These messages are sent back and forth between the brain and body tissues at up to 200 times per second to keep you functioning in a healthy state. A subluxation INTERFERES with this communication by altering the proper biomechanics, chemistry and vascular balance of that communication.

Specific spinal adjustments assist the body by restoring proper motion biomechanics to the subluxated segment. Many common symptoms of poor health are a manifestation of malfunction of the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments along with good nutrition, exercise, and stress management are a logical preventative measure to maintain a healthy body. By understanding the function of the brain and nervous system, it is evident that symptoms such as those listed above can be caused by subluxation. Therefore, many patients find relief from symptoms through chiropractic care and through following sound and logical health advice that we have to offer.